How to book bikes and guided bike tours


To apply from our website, Please fill in the necessary information below


❶Date and which one of our services (bike rental or guided bike tour) or both services, would you like to apply


❷Please choose A or B from below to let us know


A, You would like to come and pick up rental bike (or cycling tour to start and finish) to (from) one of the our offices in Tokyo (Komazawa or Narimasu)


B, You would like to order "Delivery and Pick up service" (additional charge costs 8,000 yen)


"Delivery and Pick up service"

→We deliver bike(s) at the night before to your accommodation and pick up after you use (with additional fee of 8,000 yen / The time specified by us ) and we also pick you up and ride back with

you to your accommodation for cycling tour. 


❸Your email address, phone number and address of your accommodation where you are staying in Tokyo


After we receive your application, we send you a confirmation email with a payment link to pay by credit card.



When you receive a confirmation email from us, please reply with the following information


Please write your preferred method of contact with us during bike usage either by LINE or Whatsapp (There is a QR code on our site inquiry page).



Please note us if you want to use our company’s cycling gear and equipment.

(Jerseys and shorts for men in size S/M/L, Shoes in size 41 / Unisex helmets, gloves and bidons)


Please send us an identity verification document attached

(driver's license, passport, alien registration card, ID of the country where you live, health insurance card with a photo of your face)


Please use your preferred contact method as stated in the reply to the reservation completion email.



Please check the following carefully before replying to the "confirmation email"


Please be sure to read the Disclaimer, Terms of use 



Reservations must be made by 3:00 PM the day before use *After that, please confirm by email.

Depending on the delivery schedule, it may not be available even if it is in stock, so please reserve the day before or contact the company for further information.



Important notes on time duration of bike usage and return


 Please let us know what time would you like to come to our office

 (to rent a bike / rent a bike + start the guided cycling tour)


 Please finish using the bike by 17:00.(Time extensions will not be accepted without penalty. We apologize for the inconvenience)


* We will deliver the bike between 18:30 and 21:00 the day before the reservation, so you can use it immediately after the bike is delivered


■ If it is not possible to return by 17:00 due to traffic conditions or other troubles, please be sure to contact us by 16:00 on the day of phone or the preferred way that you requested on your application.


*A uniform extension fee of 2,000 yen / 1 hour will be charged for time extensions up to 20:00. Please note that if the bicycle is not returned after 20:00, the rental fee for the second and subsequent days will be charged.



  The tool bottle that we provide contains a hexagon wrench, puncture repair patch, tire lever, portable pump and replacement tube and small chain lock, so please adjust the saddle and handle position yourself before use.


■  We deliver a bike only in 23 wards of Tokyo





How to return bikes after use (If you sign up with "Delivery and Pick up service")


■ When you finish using the bike, please send a message to let us know what time

we can meet to return the bike at your accommodation or preferred place. We reply

to you to let you know what time we will arrive to pick up the bike.




*If you return the bicycle to the hotel after check-out, please check in advance whether it is possible to continue parking at the hotel (the chain lock that we provide must be used)



 Accidents & Insurance

The rental fee includes the following insurance premiums:

Some expenses are covered for injuries, property damage, and hospitalization due to accidents of passengers and victims of accidents. The guarantee against death covers up to 100 million yen regardless of the user's negligence or accidents caused by malfunctions of rental bicycles. 


Troubleshooting during use(dealing with punctures, bicycle functions, adjustments, and inspection after return)


 If you have a puncture while cycling, please use the replacement tube in the tool bottle or the puncture repair patch to repair it yourself. In that case, please do not throw away the punctured tube : please put it in the tool bottle and return it. When replacing the tube or installing it after repair, please make sure that there are no metal or glass pieces stuck in the tire, and that the tube is not caught in the tire or inflated while it is got stuck between rim and tire.


If you cannot repair it yourself, please bear the cost of bringing it to the nearest bicycle shop for repair.


Our bikes are fully adjusted and maintained before delivery, but please call us if you need any adjustments while in use. Please note that we may not be able to respond immediately by phone depending on the time of day.


After the rental period ends and the bicycle is returned, we will contact you with an additional charge if we find obvious defects or damage.


For details such as the amount, please check the "Damage" section of the "Disclaimer" section

Disclaimer, Terms of use