Theft of the bike before use

In the case of theft or damage before the start of rental use, the customer will not be charged.


Theft of bikes in use


Cross bike

We will charge 30,000 yen regardless of the state of the bicycle in use. The rental fee will be charged separately.


Road bike

We will charge 50,000 yen regardless of the state of the bicycle in use. The rental fee will be charged separately.


Premium road bike

We will charge 70,000 yen regardless of the state of the bicycle in use. The rental fee will be charged separately.


Theft of bicycle parts

We will charge 30% of the cost of the stolen parts for each type of bike.




After returning the bike, we will check the bike body, and if the bike is damaged during use due to the customer's actions, we will charge the customer only for the actual cost of the parts. We do not receive any wages.

Regarding damage after delivery, before use, or after return, we will not charge unless it can be determined by a third party that the damage was clearly caused by the customer.


Accident / Insurance 

The rental fee includes the following insurance premiums:

Some expenses are covered for injuries, property damage, and hospitalization due to accidents of passengers and victims of accidents.

The guarantee against death covers up to 100 million yen regardless of the user's negligence or accidents caused by malfunctions of rental bicycles. 



Terms of use


1. I / My party agree to the use of bicycles and the items listed below, and I will participate in the tour or rental of a bicycle at my own risk.


2. I am / My party is aware that bicycles have safety limit and that unforeseen circumstances and usage may pose risks.

is. In addition, I am / My party is aware that it does not completely guarantee the safety of the user.


3. I / My party is responsible for bicycles and rental equipment being safely returned.


4. If the bicycle or rental equipment cannot be returned or needs to be repaired due to damage, loss, theft, etc., I / My party will pay the full amount of the fee stipulated by "Bicissima Tokyo" regardless of the rental content.


5. During the bicycle tour or rental, I / My party will be responsible for accidents, injuries, damages such as falls, collisions, etc. due to reasons other than the malfunction of the bicycle owned by the rental company.


6. Regardless of any responsibility or obligation, I / My party will not transfer the responsibility to the lender or claim damages for accidents, injuries, and damages.


7. “Bicissima Tokyo” will not make any claims if the customer or rental party cannot receive the rental or service due to a problem with the rental equipment, traffic congestion, etc. *We will contact the customer or rental party when we determine that the service cannot be provided.


8. By making a reservation for any program of "Bicissima Tokyo", I acknowledge that I have read and understood the above.





Cancellation policy


 1. If you contact us by 17:00 the day before use, no cancellation fee will be charged.


2. Cancellations between 17:00 and 20:00 the day before use will be charged 50% of the total price. (50% of the fee paid in advance will be refunded)


3. Cancellation after 20:00 the day before use will be charged 100%.


4. If you do not use the service without contacting us to cancel, you will be charged 100%.


5. If it is determined that the customer's safety cannot be ensured due to typhoons, snow, etc., the rental company will inform you that the rental is not possible and the tour will be canceled. No fee is charged in this case. (100% of the amount paid in advance will be refunded)


6. If the customer wishes to cancel based on light rain or bad weather on the day of use, the cancellation fee corresponding to 1 through 3 of the above cancellation policy will be charged.


7. The contract is concluded when the customer makes a reservation.


8. If the service cannot be provided to the customer due to an unforeseen circumstance of "Bicissima Tokyo" Bicissima Tokyo will refund the customer.

However if an unforeseen situation arises for the customer,"Bicissima Tokyo"

will not be held responsible.